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New Whiskey Brand Launch

The goal was to create an in-bar golf promotion while introducing the new brand of whiskey. Along with the basics, towels, tees and balls we had custom titanium drivers made with the Whiskey Brand logo on the grips. Our “Designated Drivers” were a huge hit with the patrons, owners and the liquor control commission.

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Hockey Team Promotion Night

A mid-week game a few days before Christmas promised a low turnout. A Christmas stocking, with the team logo embroidered, proved to be the solution. All the team sponsors added product and service coupons to make the stockings a “Shopping Spree in a Stocking”. Fans were rewarded with coupons valued at $250.00 for coming out during the busy holiday season.

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Golf Event Participation Gift

Finding the right unique golf gifts to fit one of the greatest golf venues in the world is no easy task. We based the gifts not on golf, but on wine. The basics of wine glasses and cork screws were produced. Along with them we talked a highly regarded winery into make a special barrel of Pinot Noir specifically for the event. The grapes were actually picked during the client's golf event. After the event the wine maker invited each of the attendees to visit the winery and “their” barrel. After proper aging the attendees were each sent a case of the custom Pinot Noir.

Navy Logo

Military Product Sourcing

Military Welfare and Recreation client had a branded backpack that they fell in love with, but the $50.00 price tag was outside of their budget. We sourced a factory to produce a version with the same materials, in their colors, with 3 locations of embroidery and a $15.00 price point and made them forget the branded bag.

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Retail Hardware Store Headwear Program

A local hardware store was looking to purchase custom hats to promote their store and sell to their cusomters. Our custom cap program, was just the solution. allowed them to give away half their caps as a promotional gift with purchase and sell the other half as a retail item for the cost of their advertising value. The net result was a free cap program for the hardware store.