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Accent marketing group has provided Branded Marketing Solutions since 1987 as a member of the Pinemeadow Group consisting of the Pinemeadow Golf, Lifeline First Aid and Accent Marketing Group. Together we manufacture a diverse line of products in the sporting goods, outdoor and promotional products areas. Our sales team has a combined 60 years of promotional experience to draw on. With over twenty years in the industry we have built strong partnerships to ensure our clients get the perfect product for their promotion.



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  • 5 Steps to Achieving Your Goals

    5 Steps to Achieving Your Goals

    If you’ve ever watched a TED talk or listened to any of your teachers in school, you’ll know that setting goals are the stepping stones to getting where you want to be in life. You watc...

  • Get On Your Feet!

    Get On Your Feet!

    Ready to get up and moving? Here are five fantastic promo ideas for any Zumba, dance or fitness class! 1. Tank Top 2. Exercise Mat 3. Backpack 4. Leggings 5. Resistance Bands Feeli...

  • 12 Coolest Squeeze Products to Relieve Your Stress

    12 Coolest Squeeze Products to Relieve Your Stress

    Admit it, when you get a goodie bag full of promotional products, or you see a booth at a trade show - you immediately gravitate towards the stress relievers. Stress relievers have evolved well bey...


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